A notebook, probably, or a to-do list of everything we do not yet know but might actually want, also about flowers, travels, books / not-books, poems / not-poems, communist desire, ideas about love and also ideas about the shape of ideas, what does it mean to be tethered to the world in the no-future future we wake up to everyday.

A mirabilary is a person who writes of wonders. I’m the author of a collection of essays called A Handbook of Disappointed Fate, and three poetry books: Garments Against Women, My Common Heart, and The Romance of Happy Workers. My newest book The Undying, about cancer, care, and having a body inside of history, won the 2020 Pulitzer Prize in nonfiction.

I am bad at email, but it might be worth a try at anneboyer@gmail.com, or for writerly things, through my agent, Melissa Flashman, at Janklow & Nesbit —